Newfrog official site of online store

Hello! Today I will talk about the budget smartphone Blackview A10. I purchased it on the official site of online store Newfrog for the price of $ 70. A little story. This phone was bought by her husband, before that he went with Samsung, which was incredibly buggy. And we all put off the money on a new smartphone and rummaged around the Internet, looking for reviews and various reviews. And then, one time, I was browsing a site where a man talks about the charms of Xiaomi smarton, mentioned the Blackview brand unknown to me to the village, he said that if you do not chase stunning pictures, then this option will cost you much cheaper than Xiaomi, I don't remember already exactly which model he compared. So I went to Newfrog, and immediately found the phones of this brand. And the prices there were just magic! We chose not the cheapest. Fingerprint, all affairs, beauty! The smartphone reached my city in 2 weeks. Was packed so-so. I was just wrapped in a soft box, I don’t know how to call it correctly, like foam plastic, but this is not foam plastic. In the set they put the headphones, charging, a protective film was stuck on the phone. Also included was a regular, transparent silicone case. And the instruction. Looks stylish. In the hand lies just fine. The cover included a case, but it seems to me that the phone will be more comfortable to wear without a case, since the surface of the back cover is ribbed and the smartphone does not slip at all in my hand. The work is very smart, it does not hang at all and is not buggy. Toys pulls great. And for surfing the net in general is a fairy tale. Flies! About a year has passed since the purchase, of course, this is not a lot yet, but so far everything is fine! Performance at the highest level. The smartphone is available in four colors: white, gold, blue, and black, like mine. Screen with HD resolution. Above, near the camera, we can see the event indicator. When charging, it glows green. If, for example, a text message arrives, it starts blinking. If desired, in the settings, it can be disabled. The bottom touch buttons are not illuminated, but they are well drawn and they are clearly visible. On the right side is the power button and a tray under the SIM card. Combined tray, or 2 nano SIM cards, or on one nano SIM card and memory card. On the left side, the volume button. The buttons are made of plastic, pressed gently. The phone case itself is also made of plastic, but has a metal bezel. Let me remind you once again that a smartphone costs $ 70. For that kind of money, a smartphone is just a fairy tale! Straight alone, a huge plus! If you want a smart phone, but do not have the means, this option will definitely please you! Or do you choose the phone to the child? From this smartphone, he will be completely satisfied, as he pulls toys just fine and does not freeze at all! Blackview A10 smartphone and the official site of online store Newfrog recommend! Thank you for watching!