Newfrog official site

After a hang and a broken screen on an old phone, I took up the choice of a new smartphone. Using the camera, mainly photos of work, calendar, Internet: e-mail, youtube, facebook, instagram, and phone conversations. That is the simplest and most necessary functions. Nothing beyond the limit. And the price is up to $ 100. It's a shame to break or lose something more expensive. So in my life appeared Blackview A9. There were few reviews, the phone was new, the promotional price on the official site Newfrog was about $ 80, and arranged for iron. After a year of use, I can say: the choice is successful. Price says that the phone is not perfect, not a flagship, but its worth. By pluses: it does not slow down if the memory is not clogged. The photo is acceptable, there is autofocus. There is a fingerprint scanner on the return button. It works great, very useful, no need to enter the pattern. Flash put 16 Gb, according to reviews, 32 Gb is also perceived. Convenient in hand. A lot of covers, recently I loved the silicone bumper that was included. The phone has a 3000 mAh battery, there is enough for a day of inactive use, if there is video, then an hour for 4. USB C connector, support for fast charging, full charge for 1.4 hours. There is protection against overheating, simply reports overheating and after — turns off, fireproof. No protection against water, but in the bathroom accidentally dripping water, everything is fine. The audibility is beautiful, the screen is 5 inches, the phone is not thick, it is comfortable in the hand. All applications are stored only in the phone's memory, when configured, save to external media, the video is loaded into the main memory, then transfer manually to flash memory. The rest is OK. I recommend this smartphone and the official site Newfrog.