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Hello, girls! I continue my stories about things from the official site of online store Novashe, which I was able to test this summer. Yes, I do it very timely. But what can you do? But you will know what is worth, and what not to order yourself next year. The dress, about which today will be discussed, you definitely already saw. It was on the recall of one of our girls that I decided to buy. I took the dress for about $ 20. Now the cost is indicated $ 25, taking into account the sales arranged by the store. Although it seems to me, he always has it. Color options: there is a cute white, blue dress with cherries, dress with butterflies, flowers and lemon grasses — white and turquoise, like mine. The print is juicy, clear. The material of the dress is plump, the site indicates that it is cotton. The marriage was not on the goods, but the dress was dented. Unfortunately, there were no labels with information about washing, ironing, and composition. On the collar, waist and sleeves dresses sewn gum. And if they are not very tight in the sleeves, the rest do it very well. So do not be afraid to miss with the size. I even on the contrary sometimes wore a belt on the dress, so that it would sit more tightly. The length of the dress is 76 centimeters. With my height of 166 centimeters it is considered as a mini, but I like short dresses. You can wear a dress both with bare shoulders, and pull up the sleeves higher. But then it will probably be uncomfortable because of the elastic bands on the sleeves and the overall length of the dress will be shortened. I wore it so that my shoulders were open — I really like things of this type. According to the advice of the girls, I took a dress of size M. My parameters are approximately: chest — 84 centimeters, waist — 66 centimeters. In principle, it was possible to take and S, because — I repeat — thanks to the sewn on the elastic band, the dress stretches well, but it is possible that in a smaller size it would be uncomfortable in the sleeves. So, if your parameters and growth are close to mine — take a better M. In general, the dress is very interesting! His unusual style and bright summer print will definitely attract attention to you! A dress without sexual overtones, namely a girl's, will help create a gentle image for you. It will look both with heels, and with shoes on a flat sole. As you know, to buy this dress on the official site of online store Novashe certainly recommend!