Novashe official site

I carefully prepared for the long-awaited overseas rest with palm trees in a magnificent Turkey and all my wages I ruthlessly spent shopping at the official site Novashe. So now most of the summer things in my wardrobe are from there. Today I want to boast of its most successful purchase of 2018. I ordered myself Fashion Sexy Short Sleeve Floral Printing Deep V Neck Dress even on the eve of March 8, 2018, so that until the summer it really came true. When choosing any product on a well-known Chinese site, I always pay special attention to the choice, I also study in detail the feedback of buyers under the goods, which give me an answer to the most common questions: whether or not they received a picture of what quality or size. In 99% of my orders I choose goods with free delivery, as this time. Always it is necessary to pay attention to this, since it happens that the delivery costs twice as much as the goods themselves and in the sum turns out a fabulous price. As I said, I ordered this dress in advance, since the delivery from China can be delayed for 1-3 months. In this case, goods were delivered to Ukraine in my city for about a month. All the way the track was tracked on the site. Packaged was good. Delivery in Ukraine was carried out by Ukrainian Post. On the arrival of the cargo in the department to the mobile phone number, a notification to Wiber from the representatives of the mail came that the load had arrived and I can drop by and get it! It is very convenient, but, unfortunately, not always such notifications come. I bought the dress for $ 23 with free delivery. Now it costs a little more, probably because of seasonality. Plus, the store was put in a gift for the order — a strong rubber band for hair with ears. How can you not leave a positive response to this store? The dress, well, just gorgeous, for summer what you need, I consider it my best purchase on the official site Novashe. I recommend!