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Today I will tell you about the sheepskin coats of white eco-friendly material, very cute and cozy. Stock up on cookies and get ready to listen to my story. Short fur coats in winter are classics. We have such a time, our country is like this — today is +2, and tomorrow is -15. We are accustomed to such differences, we have long been wearing outerwear for all occasions — coats, from thin autumn to warm winter, parks with fur, which are suitable, practically, for any weather, sheepskin coats, if cool and without snow, jackets, in case — and suddenly rain and fur coats. The latter, of course, from the means of protection against frost, have become an indicator of prestige, although, by the way, in my opinion, you will not surprise anyone with this. My white and cream short fur coat is Elegant Fashion White Faux Rabbit fur Coat from OASAP online store and it is simply stunning — beautiful, softest, warm and elegant. It is spacious and can be easily worn on a sweater or even a sweater with a cardigan, and it looks great at all. In it, I feel incredibly feminine and cozy — it is so airy and soft that I don’t want to take it off! In combination with high boots on a small geisha and dark lipstick looks strictly and, at the same time, relaxed. I wish you all comfort this December, which will not leave you even outside the house! Discount price on the coupon is about $ 100. Overall, well done. I have no complaints about the quality. If you need high-quality outerwear, then I recommend to buy it for promo codes OASAP online store.