OASAP Global Shopping Festival 11.11

Is there a dress that can be put on at a solemn event and just for a walk in the summer? — Yes, sometimes! And I'll tell you about him now. I remember how I thought for a long time whether to take this dress Bowkont Shoulders Front Slit or not, and maybe choose something else, no, nevertheless, let's order it. How carefully I checked my data with the size table, as I thought and wondered. In the end, I decided and began to look forward to sending from the online store OASAP. Like all the others, the package with this dress arrived a month later and pleased. Well, why pull, pleased, of course. Not a package, of course, but a dress. I want to warn you right away that the dress rests exclusively on ribbons. But how beautifully they fit in, especially when your hands grow from the right place. On the belt there is an elastic band that fits well and does not damage the figure visually. The length could be longer. But what color! For this color I can forgive this length. The dress looks very beautiful with heels, with ballet shoes not very. And, as you understand from the name, you can wear it for some kind of event, and just for a walk in the summer. I went to classes in it and was very happy, at that time June was hot, sunny and pleasant, so the dress was perfect for the weather and for the strict checkpoint at my university. The price of the dress is $ 67.99, but if I'm not mistaken, then during Global Shopping Festival 11.11, there were discounts and it cost about $ 50. Color: mint. Sizes: S, M, L. I was pleased with the dress, I recommend this online store OASAP.