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In my city, incredible temperature drops — from minus to plus, back and forth. It is true that in recent days the weather is warm and very pleasant, the snow lies in big flakes in the trees and it looks really fabulous. True, as promised by all weather forecasts — this fairy tale is not for long. And so until tomorrow, because today it's +3, I parked the car with one side on a huge pile of dirt, and from which puddle I will take it in the evening after work — I'm afraid even to assume. But warm is warm, plus is plus. And give me diversity! Therefore, I am replacing the bored coats with the original sheepskin coat with sheepskin shells from the official site of online store OASAP. I love such things, they always look somehow more strictly and adult. In this hierarchy, jackets occupy the lowest place in me, followed by parks, then a coat, then coats and fur coats. This is not because I feel bad about this or that thing, not at all. Simply, strange as it may sound, each type of clothing has its own status and you can’t do anything about it. This Daring Girl Faux Suede Coat sheepskin coat is incredibly soft, in a pretty Camel color and looks pretty loose. In this case, she sits tightly inside, so a very thick warm sweater can not be dressed for her. In winter, I usually wear a coat, but having received this sheepskin coat, I changed my mind and very much regretted that only now did I understand the beauty of such things in the wardrobe. Such in your closet should be for sure! Outwardly, of course, she looks very rustic and, at times, evokes the feeling that you have to cut wood in her, but she is warm and pleasant. Behind the same protruding seams, as well as the front, this is such a feature of this sheepskin coat. The chip is interesting, but not everyone will like it. Sheepskin price about $ 70. It is buttoned, but the throat remains open, as well as, for example, in my blue coat. There you can see the photo as I solve this problem. There were no complaints about the quality at all, the material is very pleasant, the seams are made neatly, although they look untreated and generally actively stick out, the threads are not sticking, except just a little bit. But the shade of a true Camel! It seems that even a spray of dirt from passing cars will not spoil it. Just kidding, of course. This spray can ruin even a suit of chemical protection. I mean, the shade is darkish by itself, so it doesn’t really get dirty. In theory, the throat can be closed with the help of buttons, but then it will not look very nice, and inconvenient a little. In principle, an open throat is not such a big problem. Not to say that in very cold weather. The maximum in which I wore it is minus 12 degrees. And, at the same time, I did not have any marathon races, when sweat in a stream, I went to the hardware stores by car. That is, almost did not walk down the street. I wore it on the street at minus 7 — I felt comfortable in it. Overall, well done. I have no complaints about the quality. I will recommend this sheepskin coat and the official site of online store OASAP!