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According to most people, overalls are a short thing that is difficult to take off, sometimes it’s not clear how to wear and what to wear. Of course, overalls are different. Often these are summer options, light and short, more like dresses, or denim, more suitable for repairs. In fact, there are a lot of overalls and it is not so difficult to choose exactly the options that suit you personally, you just have to look. Last year, I liked the overalls on the official site OASAP and I am very pleased that this year their range has been enriched with several universal options that can be worn not only in summer. For example, my new jumpsuit can be worn now, in May, on rainy and recalcitrant Petersburg days. When the weather is strange, then the sun, it is overcast, when you want something simple, but at the same time, not quite normal and boring. Wear this option and feel free to go outside! And if you choose a sophisticated and beautiful top for it, then this, rather, yet simple, bottom will sparkle with completely different colors and will not seem so boring and black. That is why I chose an amazing blouse, also from this company, and mixed it with this Must-Have Solid Black Jumpsuit jumpsuit. It turned out very interesting! Delivery takes place by simple mail, in a simple postal package, the parcel arrived at my post office. There was a track number, I was tracking it, so I went for the package myself, and did not wait for the notification. There was a track number, it was perfectly tracked. There was no odor. Generally no. The price of the suit is about $ 30. There were no complaints about the quality at all, the material was very pleasant, the seams were made carefully and the threads did not stick out. The overalls are long, but the floor does not sweep, it looks very stylish and beautiful. I combined it with classic black shoes. Back opens back. No fabric. Therefore, you can choose things that are decorated on the back. For example, decorative buttons or something like that. There are two pockets on the sides. The color is very rich, deep, black. In this image, you can safely walk around the city and to work. I prove this by my example. Present on the first of September at my sister. True, not this year. But I can guarantee that he is still beautiful and of high quality. In general, the thing is very beautiful and stylish. The stuff is nice. Soft. I recommend this overalls and the official site OASAP to everyone.