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My today's review is devoted to the sweetest children's bag — a hug. On the official site of online store Peggybuy, I purchased a belt bag for my daughter — a kitty, as she adores these animals. Handbag volume, like a backpack. Size: 14-13.5-10 centimeters. Keeps on a strong braid and fastens with a carbine on the belt. It gives the impression of a good, branded children's things. Because all is well. There is nothing to complain about. Made wisely for the convenience of the child. The handbag is really cool. And its first advantage is material. This is neoprene that does not let moisture through. It can be wetted in the rain and washed in a typewriter, if necessary, and any minor dirt can be easily cleaned with a regular wet cloth. The special properties of the material retain their original shape and color. The design of the handbag is such that the legs open into the arms. It is very nice. If the pants have hlyasti, handbag strap is great in them comes in and out. Can be mounted on the side, front and rear. In the latter case, the bag does not interfere at all, but the front is actually comfortable to wear. Hands are released, and everything you need is at hand. Top material is elastic, it does not let water through. On the side of the body, the mesh material and from the inside there are visible holes in the neoprene so that the body does not sweat. In general, the design is thoughtful. Stitched remarkably, the carbine material inspires confidence. All contours are sewn wide wide zigzag, eyes, hair, ears and nose — machine surface. The handbag keeps its shape perfectly. She has one compartment, which is fastened with a zipper, a good move, the tails of the dog are plastic. In my opinion, this is quite enough for a child to take a favorite toy and a couple of necessary things for a walk or to kindergarten. There are no comments on the quality. In addition to the image of the face, the kitty has ears and legs. If I were a child, I would be happy with such a handbag. Stylish and high-quality handbag, bright and cool. Of course, I recommend both the bag and the official site of online store Peggybuy. The review turned out to be extremely positive — hold the bag in your hands, and you will understand me.