Popreal coupons and promo codes

We ordered this jacket in October on the official website of Popreal with a coupon discount for $ 9, received a month later. In the comments of buyers on the site there was something like this — a warm jacket, a cold autumn and a warm winter. We live in a warm city, so I think that we go through it all the cold winter months. The jacket corresponds to the description given on the site: soft inside, smooth outside, on the lock, with a hood, sleeves on elastic bands. Stitched all qualitatively — if you do not take into account the yellow threads on a dark blue background, I did not feel any foreign odor at all. The size approached — the sleeves are long, but the back is normal. For some reason, almost all children's jackets in our stores are for babies, either short ones on the trunk or with long sleeves. Color — as ordered — yellow and black. On the hood there are colored ears. Inside, the jacket is very soft. Behind the jacket is a bear cub. His body is painted, and his head is glued. We unfastened it very easily, in its place there were no traces of glue left. Sleeves inside are not so soft, from ugly gray fabric. When the sleeves are tucked, it is clearly visible. I wish you all a pleasant shopping with the promo codes of the Popreal store!