Popreal Global Shopping Festival 11.11

This children's jacket on the official website of the online store Popreal I long liked, but everyone did not get the hands to order it. And here I want to note that the spread of prices was my dear mother! I got it for only $ 8 during Global Shopping Festival 11.11. I order on the Internet for a long time and I know that a high price does not always mean high quality and on the contrary — low does not mean low quality. Well, I already have a few eyes, so I can safely order from a huge number of proposals are not the most expensive and not be in flight. In the end, still ordered. I ordered my daughter, of the four colors offered, I chose blue, as I liked more, I also had red, green and yellow. The smallest size of 2T on the tag is 120 centimeters! But, he just approached my daughter by 90 centimeters. So if you order, be very careful with the dimensions! By itself, the jacket is very soft and pleasant to the touch both inside and out. Lining a cozy plush. The jacket is universal, it can be worn as at + 10-15 with a turtleneck, and up to -10 with a warm sweater. There is a hood, but it's more like decor. Also plush pockets with paws and behind the head of a pretty bead. Here, too, should be attentive, ordered then a girlfriend a jacket and the head was glued not very high quality, docked themselves. And as a whole very cute design and special any claims are not present. In a jacket it is convenient to travel in the car, the child is not hard to wear, it is not too bulky and not heavy absolutely. So for the spring-autumn is not even a bad option, a truly childish, interesting, comfortable and inexpensive jacket!