Popreal official online store

Hello! I did not think that I would ever order clothes for my daughter from the official online store Popreal, but it turned out that sometimes children's clothes are better than in our stores. After looking at the prices of warm badlocks in the nearest stores, I decided to try to buy this sweater. The color initially liked white, but since we have a kindergarten and independent meals in front. Decided to choose a color more practical — purple — I really do not like white things to wash off stains: laziness overcame me. And in the winter, white washing is harder to collect than color and dark. So, purple! The price for it is one of the cheapest — $ 8.54. Went to me about a month. The size is 3t. The store says that 3t is designed to grow 95-110 centimeters. But we have a height of 89 centimeters. In this case, a sweater with an adequate supply! Just this winter, and the next — in question. What surprised, is how soft and pleasant it feels! I do not even know what to compare with. Pleasantly, like a new plush bathrobe. There is no feeling of artificiality absolutely! I recommend to everyone the official online store Popreal! And I'll take it myself if the price does not change! The color is pleasant! But still you want to have a white one! And I forgot to add that he is warm enough: thick, but comfortable!