Porzellantreff official site of online store

I love porcelain and I can not help myself. The main criteria for buying are the quality, design and firm of the manufacturer. I would like to include in this list a position called a cheap price, but quality things are not cheap and the main thing is that we have an inflated price for many things. Always wondered why abroad, the same Villeroy Boch is at times cheaper than in our boutiques. At the same time it is elevated to the rank of something so expensive and unattainable. And one day I came across the Easter collection Villeroy Boch and a lot of things I liked there. In our boutique, it was all too expensive. And I decided to start plowing the expanses of the Internet, in the hope of buying the items I liked at a more reasonable price. And I came across the official site of online store Porzellantreff. The site is German, there is a support service, if something is not clear or there are problems. The site is very convenient, no complications and complaints. The main thing is to say that they are attractive, it's nothing to say. At the same Villeroy Boch they are funny, at least in comparison with the prices in our stores. For example, a service of 18 items is on a German site $ 180, on our site the same service is already $ 500, the store is even more expensive. Decided to take a chance and make an order. After registration, when you already specify the address, they immediately deduct the tax from the order amount, which is very nice. Also for every order the store gives an additional discount of 15 euros. Delivery in Germany is free, in other countries — for a fee. After the e-mail comes the bill. You can pay directly with a card, you can through a bank account. Having received the bill, I became thoughtful, but would not they deceive me ?! Everything is possible in our world, especially with our citizens. I wrote to them a couple of questions, it turned out that immediately after the order, the Germans form a parcel and since this invoice is 30 calendar days in advance, they wait until the money arrives to the account and immediately, without losing time on packing the order, is sent. I went to the bank, paid this bill, just in case, I threw off the payment data, although this could not speed up anything. The bank promised to transfer money within five banking days. It turned out even a little bit faster. The store sent a letter with the number of the parcel for further tracking of the parcel. My order left Germany one day after the money arrived at the company's account. Promptly. And immediately my package fell into the twilight zone. Then nerves began. Coril I myself for the fact that it was possible to order porcelain, the finest wine glasses through the mail ?! A pile of broken pots will come and I will sit like an old woman over a broken trough. One thing was comforting that the site indicated that if something was broken, then you need to take a photo, send it to the site and the firm will send this item at your own expense. For a Russian distrustful person, this is little consolation. All the experiences lasted almost a month and a half. And then came the day when I saw on the Internet that the parcel was delivered and a notification arrived. They went to the post office, they brought it, the box was huge. Shaking hands, she began to unpack. Well, my dear readers, I must say that apparently the Germans are easier to pack everything than to mess with broken dishes. Each item in a separate branded package, everything is rearranged, rewound with a special film with huge thick pimples. Everything is done so that the parcel can be played in football and nothing will happen to it. Unfortunately, much of what I wanted to order was not possible, for the reason that not everything was in stock. Many items go under the order. Wait two to three weeks, and then another month with the parcel itself. They give each order a brand beaker for hot drinks and a notepad for entries with the company logo. In general, I'm happy that I made this order on the official site of online store Porzellantreff. In addition to the brands I have mentioned, there are probably all German firms. You can order a collection or individual items of the famous Rosenthal. Also there are Spiegelau, Versace, Arzber, Meissen porcelain and much more.