Porzellantreff official site

In online stores, I order almost everything, and utensils are no exception. Of course, the first time was scary for the service sent to me from the US, but fortunately, somehow I did not touch the theme of broken plates, and I hope, will not touch in the future. About the official site Porzellantreff learned by chance on some site dedicated to online shopping. At the first entrance to the site, he suggests choosing a language — German, English, Russian. The interface is nice. The choice of brands is very large, mostly represented by German brands and the rest of Europe. You can buy everything — from pots to decanters, ceremonial sets. But, it is necessary to understand that brands are not cheap. The assortment, in general, is very good, although I did not find some things there, for example. Very operational support. There are discounts, promotions. With the dishes I was sent a whole book with coupons and other German shops. Plus, you can get a discount, for example, by subscribing to their newsletter. Note: when you pay the parcel, reserve the amount on the card without taking into account the discount, but at the moment when the parcel is collected, write off the amount at a discount. Different prices. But the service from Villeroy And Bosch, I bought more cheaply in the American Amazon, even with delivery. After you log in and mark the country of delivery, VAT will be automatically deducted in the cart, the prices will be lower than you see. Delivery is paid, email is sent to tracking. To me the parcel reached the city quickly, a little more than in two weeks, on August 15, a letter was sent to me, that all were sent, on September 3 she was at the post office. The weight limit is 20 kg. Therefore, it is very convenient to fold with someone in order to divide the delivery, if you want to order on a trifle. The quality of the packaging is excellent: everything was laid with inflatable bags, ordered 4 children's sets for children, absolutely everything whole. Even with our mail, the dishes did not have a chance to break. The official site Porzellantreff arranged me entirely. I strongly recommend the lovers of quality dishes and kitchen accessories.