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The child asked for a radio-controlled helicopter for his birthday. Acquired the model Walkera V450D03 you liked with a discount on the coupon in the online store RcMoment. Of course there were doubts that there would be enough toys for more than one short flight. Almost not mistaken. Despite the briefing, the first colorful and rapid takeoff was interrupted by a snow-white ceiling, the breaking of a tiny gear, tears. Of course, this is not a warranty case. The gear was replaced in a specialized store selling radio-controlled models. For better sensitivity, the lever, responsible for climbing, was extended. The flight lasts 8 minutes, if you make short breaks, then the total flight is about twelve minutes. The charge time is about half an hour, if the charge source is far away, then you can charge directly from the console. We did not try, but if necessary, this opportunity will not be superfluous. The toy we have already a year and a half, for a minute or two began to hold less charge in the toy, and in the console the battery perfectly holds its capacity and has never been changed. The range of flight and altitude was not measured, run on the landing, it is very large. For the street the helicopter is not intended. The child quickly mastered the management and quite easily performs simple tricks. More breakages in all the time was not. The toy gradually become boring and we get it no more often than once a month. Acquisition of promo code in the online store RcMoment satisfied, spent a lot of time with his son for an exciting game. Buy safely, children quickly learn, develops motor skills and vestibular apparatus.