RcMoment Global Shopping Festival 11.11

For me, the Syma X8C is the second radio-controlled aircraft, before that there was a helicopter. Choosing a quadrocopter, I immediately noticed that on the Internet experienced pilots Syma praise. The Symka X8C is outdoors, because with protection and legs it is clearly not home dimensions: 50x50x20 centimeters. If you run it indoors, then only in large. In the complete set already there is a memory card on 4 Gb, it is not necessary to be bought additionally. But the Copter keeps well in the air even in windy weather, flies remarkably, without difficulty rises very high. But in the rainy and cloudy weather, it will not work, there is no moisture protection on the drone. Also, it does not have FPV, but even if you take Syma X8W, it will slow down and hardly meet expectations. GPS is also missing, plus it or minus, it's up to you. The model is sold in three colors: White; The black; Orange. The price is small — during the Global Shopping Festival 11.11 quadrocopter cost me $ 90, I bought in the online store RcMoment. Flight time is 10-15 minutes. If you need more, you have to give $ 10 and buy another battery. To buy or not? You decide!