RcMoment official online store

Long thought what to give her husband on February 23. Socks and perfume — this is not the same. Also has recollected as he the neck turns off always in children's shop at shelves with these helicopters. I began to dig around on the Internet, I found the official online store RcMoment with an acceptable price, because in an ordinary children's store there is still a large extra charge. After 2 weeks, the parcel came to me. When the husband was presented with a radio-controlled helicopter Flytec TY909T, his joy was no limit, really as a child all went into the process. This model is good in that there are 2 speed modes for beginners and experienced. It is quite strong, with the fall nothing breaks. We launch it in a room, we do not carry it to the street, although if desired, we can go to the clearing if there is no strong wind. The husband said the console is comfortable, understandable, generally liked the model, so we recommend the official online store RcMoment.