RoseGal official site

I treat myself to lovers of Chinese clothing and accessories. I had a few accessories that I would like to talk about. Now I show one of the most favorite bags, which I bought on the official site RoseGal. It is not the most practical, but it looks very classy, ​​it is easy to combine with any sets of clothes, it is executed very qualitatively. The bag has a dense frame, leatherette here is solid, not soft. Initially, the bag was stuffed with paper so that it would not get rattled on the road, which actually did not happen. The highlight of this bag is that it has two sets of pens. It can be worn with a short handle with embroidery or with a length of brown leatherette. Both handles are of good quality, the contours here are worked out, the carbines are whole, not darkened. In general, the fittings here are good. Although it is gold, it looks beautiful anyway. This is not the icteric color, as is often the case on bags from China. Here everything is more harmonious and decent. The bag is not miniature at all, but still I can not call it roomy. It is inconvenient to open it, and to put something inside is a whole matter. But the lightning here opens well. Inside, the lining is brown, beautiful, well sewn, does not crochet in place, does not get out of the bag. Inside there are necessary pockets for small things. In general, the accessory is cool, but still more for beauty than for shopping, for example. The official site RoseGal will recommend to friends, pleased with the range and good service.