Rosewholesale coupons and promo codes

I love small handbags. With them, it is very convenient to walk, without dragging a volumetric bag on your shoulder with a bunch of things. All I need is a phone, keys and a couple of banknotes just in case. Purses I do not like to carry with myself. For myself, I was looking for something new for the summer, and I chose, as a result, a very popular inexpensive handbag from the official site of Rosewholesale, where there are so many offers of this particular model. With a discount on the coupon, I paid $ 5 for a bag, although I saw on the expanses of this Chinese site exactly the same bags from $ 3 and above. That is, the price at it attractive, and handbags disperse as hot pies. The popularity of the bag does not frighten me, and in my city they do not meet at every step. Coloring on sale is very much! For every taste and every wardrobe. I chose a green one. The bag arrived from China to me in less than a month. The size of the handbag I knew in advance, but, nevertheless, I was surprised by its miniature. Color cool! Specified size: 19.5 * 14 * 3.5 centimeters is approximate, but true. Handbag is made of polyurethane. The material is soft and pleasant to the touch. Metal parts are made of yellow metal. I would prefer white metal, but I did not see such an option on sale. In principle, I like this shade. On a green bag, these details look good. I was afraid for the length of the strap, but it was quite long. With my height of 165 centimeters fully extended strap is optimal. The length of the strap: 65-127 centimeters. The bag is sewn neatly, but the strap is rustic. Given that I can not wear anything heavy in it, it will come down. Inside there is one common compartment with a zipper, a small pocket with a zipper, and the lock bag is closed. Behind the purse is another zippered pocket. In the purse of my huge smartphone Huawei is placed without a cover, so consider the size of your mobile when ordering. In general, I got exactly what I ordered. I was satisfied with the purchase of the promo code Rosewholesale!