Sammydress official site

My acquaintance with the official site Sammydress happened by chance, I came across an advertising banner on the Internet. I made my first order on November 8, 2017. On November 29, the package was in my hands and my joy was not a chapel, because this was my first package from abroad. At the expense of packaging: all my order was placed in a small bag, inside with pimples. I ordered: 1) Hours — now they cost almost $ 3, but I ordered for $ 2. They go for almost 1 year, intact. Only I cut a little strap, that would be 2 turns; 2) Wallet. For a long time I was looking for a little one that would be convenient to carry around with me everywhere. Do not disappoint! In the middle of July, only I use it all this time and nothing has become to him! Not unstuck or torn! Cost $ 1.5; 3) Organizer for the bag. Nothing special, $ 1.4 in total, after 4 months began to break a little; 4) Two pens, each at $ 0.5. I bought two, came pink and red. Convenient to carry, write well. The second parcel was at the request of girlfriends, they wanted to buy bags. But they were not thrilled. I can't even add anything else — the package went 1.5 months. The third parcel was made on May 16 — there are three hours. The fourth parcel — also at the request of a friend, ordered a white clock. The fifth parcel, there are earrings and every little thing. In general, shopping on the official site Sammydress and I were satisfied with my friends, we recommend this store.