SheIn Global Shopping Festival 11.11

I learned about the Chinese store SheIn the Internet. All the time she watched with interest the video of famous bloggers about buying clothes, but she did not hurry to order things from China herself, because she was afraid of guessing with the size, and the quality of the Chinese goods could often fail. But when I just went to the site, how I suffered, I wanted this dress and this, and yet this blouse, and jeans, and shorts. Well, how can we stand among such diversity? In general, after reading a huge amount of reviews, having looked through a bunch of real photos that enthusiastic buyers are posting on the site, I still decided on my first order. The order was made during Global Shopping Festival 11.11, so the things I bought were at a 50-85% discount. In order to make a purchase, you need an insignificant amount of time — just register, add your favorite items to the basket, specify the delivery address and pay for your purchase. Everything is elementary and simple, I do not even focus on it. Further, in your personal account you can track all the actions that occur with the order, namely: the payment was made or not when the parcel was shipped and where it is located. After it arrives on the territory of your country, its movement can be monitored. Twice the parcel came to me a month, once I received my things two weeks after the order, and the parcel was brought by the courier. That is, if you order for a certain amount, you can get a free express delivery. I will not paint the assortment of the site, it is simply huge. I advise just to take a walk around the store. I'm sure that every girl will pick up a bunch of cool things for herself. After confirming each order in the personal account, bonus points are added, which can be spent on subsequent purchases. You can also earn points by placing a tip on the SheIn store website, you can add photos to it, which also increases the number of bonuses. Thank you for your attention and good shopping!