Shooppingo Global Shopping Festival 11.11

Greetings! I want to share with you my impressions of my recent purchase on the official website of the online store Shooppingo. I could not decide to buy this bag. I really liked it, I wanted it for a long time, but I couldn’t decide on the color. Especially on the site of the store itself, there were very few reviews about this bag. Finally, I chose, decided to take a blue-gray color, choose between him and beige, decided that this is more interesting, and did not lose. Only 9 days after ordering, the bag was already in the mail. This is the fastest delivery ever for my purchases, and this is during the New Year holidays. In general, for the delivery I put 5, fast and free. Quality: How surprised I was! The bag was wonderfully packed. Several layers of pimply film, all accessories are also sealed. Lock and long handle in separate bags inside the bag. Also as a gift they put a handkerchief for a pen. Inside was an air bag. As a result of such careful packaging, no wrinkles and dented places arose. Bag came in perfect condition. The quality was very pleased, I did not even hope for that. Better just and you can not want. Everything is done neat and beautiful. Smooth seams, high-quality accessories. The bag smells of genuine leather, one of my favorite smells. Size: There were 3 sizes to choose from. My bag is 30 centimeters long, the largest of the proposed. For me, this is the perfect size. The bottom of the bag is quite wide, 15 centimeters, so that everything necessary is easily placed. Bag height without handle 23 centimeters. At the same time, the bag keeps its shape, this is also a plus for me, I hate shapeless bags instead of bags. I am very pleased with my purchase, the quality is excellent, the view is chic. The color is universal, with him I also guessed, blue in bright light and gray in the shade. The size is excellent, everything fits, but does not look cumbersome. The style of the bag fits both with pumps and sneakers and looks good. Husband appreciated, said cool, but for me it is a decisive voice. I ordered the bag during Global Shopping Festival 11.11 for $ 29. I will definitely order one more in a different color. Thank you for reading my review, I hope it was helpful.