Shooppingo official online store

Hello to all! All the girls know how sometimes it’s not easy to pick up accessories so that the bag fits to shoes or gloves. So, for a long time I could not pick up a bag for my favorite boots made under snake skin. And oh, a miracle! On the official online store Shooppingo, I came across this handbag brand women handbag genuine leather, which of course does not match the tone of my boots, but still close subjects. To begin with, the store promises us that the bag is made of cow leather, but I still tend to say that this is not leather at all, but pressing, by the way, there are so many new and incomprehensible materials that it’s hard to figure out what done by Although it is not leather, but the bag is made with high quality. There is no foreign smell, the lining does not rustle. The hardware has a golden color, in my opinion, it makes the bag look a bit cheaper, but this is only my subjective opinion. The store is responsive, always answered me on time for all questions and quickly sent the goods. Bag to Germany was about three weeks. The bag itself was in a special package with the logo of the store. For me, the main handle is a bit short, but there was a long handle in the kit, but one of its sides is covered not with leather, but with simple material. In the village, the bag looks expensive and sound, but by itself it is not easy. Now about the price, the store prices change often, I bought a bag for $ 55, I will not say that it is very cheap, let's say, the average price. Some in reviews on the official online store Shooppingo wrote that the bag paints hands, I have khaki color, and I can say that I don’t paint anything, so this is probably someone as lucky about dyes. I am pleased with the quality and will definitely be carrying the bag!