Simple-Dress official online store

Hello! I bought a wedding dress on the official online store Simple-Dress and I want to tell you about my experience. Perhaps this is really the height of insanity, but I did not mind spending $ 139 to satisfy my curiosity and find out what is being sold for such pays and why they are so praised. The choice is actually in the store — a huge one, and I was looking at different dress variations until I stopped at the Royal Princess Luxury Lace fish tail train bow. It was inexpensive, and beautiful, non-standard style. In our stores, decent dresses cost 10 times more. Yes what to say, we even can not buy a cocktail dress for a bridesmaid for this money. The experience of shopping in Chinese stores was available. Before that, I wrote reviews on lacy beige and leopard dresses. There were no negative emotions yet. And I made up my mind. The size was selected based on the table. In general, there on the site everything is detailed by the standards, so to say that you are blindly choosing whether M, or S, is not. Everything is very detailed, do not be lazy and choose the right size. There was a dress somewhere 4 weeks. It was pressed into a small not very large package. At home, I tore the bag and I was showered with endless lace creases and a train of unfolding dress. First impression, honestly, delight! It did not look cheap at all. I was stunned by the beauty that was in my hands. With reverence, she touched it with her hands and looked. So, the dress is open, sleeveless and strapless, with a bodice. The top is a corset, embroidered with beads, glass beads and lace. It is very tight right up to the hips, like a mermaid. Then comes a very magnificent multilevel skirt with a small train. He will either trail along the floor, or someone needs to support him. On the belt is a long ribbon. At the back, the corset is tightened with lacing. When I tried it on, it began to please me even more. The corset perfectly emphasizes the waist. The skirt is great. The dress is really chic, I just could not believe that I bought it for that kind of money. The quality is excellent, factory production. Nowhere did not even stick out the thread. Everything is sewn smoothly and neatly. In general, emotions were the most positive and there was not a single disappointment. Little girls, if you do not have everything with money so good to buy dresses for $ 1000, then take a chance and order yourself such a dress, or something similar on the official online store Simple-Dress. It's really not a shame to get married! On the contrary, we have such shapes and prices in the daytime with fire you will not find. I recommend!