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Since we had a limited budget for the wedding, we had to limit ourselves in everything. But despite the small allocated budget for the dress, I found two good options. In this review I will write about a gorgeous dress with a train and a short bottom in front. The dress came in a couple of weeks. I ordered on the official site of online store Simple-Dress. For 2017, the dress cost me about $ 160. It was scary that there would come, but everything turned out to be quite worthy. True, of course, when he pulled it out of the package it was all changed, which is not surprising. Especially the tuxedo inserts on the skirt, that's what, and they ironed, they have steamer, it will be much easier. The wedding was planned in peach tones, so I had to change the dress a little, because in the assortment the colors of the belts were pink, blue and white. Yes, and I did not like how this sewn belt was sewn, somewhere in the middle of the corset. Unequivocally, it was decided to change the color and location of the ribbon with roses, it did not take much time. In general, these are all the investments that were required for this dress, and then only at my whim. Otherwise, it's fine for that kind of money. In general, I recommend this model of a wedding dress. Although I purchased it on the official site of online store Simple-Dress — mostly for a photo shoot, not for the celebration itself, many liked it more, despite the fact that it is cheaper than my main dress.