Simple-Dress official site

I ordered a wedding dress at my own risk at the official site Simple-Dress. And there were no comments, so the risk was great. At that time — 2016 — the dress cost me about $ 150. I sent my measurements to the store and a dress was sewn on them. Just want to say that, of course, given my physique, the dress on me was sitting differently than in the photo from the site with the model. But I took this into account. For girls with a figure — an hourglass, it would be the most it. The dress was sold without a petticoat, respectively, without it, it also looked different, than in the photo in the online store. She ordered the pod itself separately, and he gave a little shape to the dress below, or the skirt hung ugly. The only thing I did not like a little bit was that, when lacing up behind, everything seemed a little flawed. I assume that you had to ask for a corset, they sewed a little less, because the lacing can not be made more tightly, it can be seen in the photo that everything is laced up to the very end, maybe because of this and it's frayed, I do not know. But it did not bother me much. In general, the dress is happy, although it looks a little different than in the picture, but also beautiful. If you are in search of a wedding dress, then I recommend you the official site Simple-Dress.