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I was tired of my husband smartphone DNS S5001, he wanted something more powerful and at an affordable price. And a long and stubborn search began. Finally, after much searching, studying a small number of reviews and reviews, his attention was drawn to the Xiaomi Redmi Note. Overpay for the phone and buy it in the communication store he did not want and he found this phone on the official website of the store Sunsky-Online. Honestly, I was skeptical about buying such a thing. Well, okay, I decided and decided. I placed an order with a discount coupon and began to wait patiently. It should be noted that the store is very responsible. Quickly processed the order, there was a phone 2 weeks. The first impression of the phone is huge, but you quickly get used to it. The phone came with an Anglo-Chinese firmware, usually put a multilanguage with which it is problematic to reflash and besides it is not updated. After reflashing, it's a pleasure to use the phone: it does not slow down, it does not hang. I think many know and appreciate the convenience of MIUI! Denote the pluses: display; powerful iron; battery; camera; good support from the manufacturer; a lot of accessories for this unit; there is not a single application that would not open or slow; support for memory cards up to 128 Gb; GPS catches. Here, perhaps, that's all! The official website of the Sunsky-Online store I recommend, do not forget to use promo codes. I hope that my feedback will be useful.