Sunsky-Online Global Shopping Festival 11.11

Phone Xiaomi Redmi Note has an incredible design and size. I bought in the online store Sunsky-Online with an excellent discount during the Global Shopping Festival 11.11. I read the reviews myself, so I want to write my own, which recommends the purchase of this phone. When I bought, I did not immediately get used to this size. Since the diagonal 5.5, was the first time is not convenient, before using a phone with a smaller diagonal Nokia N8. This diagonal will require a large battery capacity, it has 3000 mAh, enough for 2 days. I have a router, so the included wi-fi does not spare the battery, so with a wi-fi enabled the battery holds about 6 hours. The headphones have a standard input, the design is elegant, but it's hard to find a protective film, as well as a cover. I like that android, there are more free applications on it and generally I think that it is the best. On the Mac OS viruses have already appeared, so it has lost its main advantage for me. Xiaomi is not so easy to buy in official stores, sometimes it has to be ordered on the Internet, in which case you have to reflash it yourself, if you are smart, you can do it, on the Internet there are sites on which you can download the firmware you need. It's also a drawback that it's very difficult to find a case for this phone, it will also have to be ordered from China, you can in the same Sunsky-Online store and wait for about a month, I can say that you need to have patience and accuracy so that you do not scratch by this time its body or not to drop to the floor. On it there are special unbreakable glasses or they are also called shockproof. In general, the phone has a good design, excellent graphics and two cameras that take pictures with good resolution.