Sunsky-Online official site of online store

So, I received a gift from my mother for the new year in the form of a cash note. I was puzzled by the choice of a gift, or rather the phone, rummaged everything that could be, and it is not possible! And yet the choice fell on the official site of online store Sunsky-Online, where I spent another week, getting acquainted with hundreds of interesting offers! My eyes flew, I was going crazy! And yet here it is, handsome man — Bluboo Picasso, My love at first sight and touch. There are three colors — blue, white and gold. I chose noble gold. Let's start right away with the pluses: The magic price for such a very serious model is $ 79; Creative design; 5-inch screen; Thin; In the hand lies very comfortable; 4-core processor; 2 Gb of RAM; 16 Gb of available memory; Cameras, both main and front, 8 MP each, are equipped with flashes; 2 SIM cards; The screen is very bright; The sound is very lively and clean; The speakers are below, which I really like; The battery is quite capacious, 2500 mAh. 100% of the charge is enough for a day; The protective film is glued on the screen; In the quick access menu, the most needed functions are the screen brightness, flashlight, wi-fi, bluetooth, Flight mode, auto-rotate screen, geodata transfer, and sound profiles; Battery charge in percent; Reboot is very fast; Ability to install a bunch of necessary applications; The indicator on the left above the screen flashes in red, if there is a new alert, the missed call; Everything works for 5+, does not lag. In general, I really liked the smartphone, I recommend it and the official site of online store Sunsky-Online without fail, if anyone doubts.