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If you want not expensive, but high-quality phone I advise you to take a closer look at Blackview A7. This model includes everything a modern person needs. In our family there are already three of them. First ordered for the daughter. She's still a primary school student and has lost more than one phone. So we decided to take an inexpensive smartphone on the official online store Teknistore. Children just right. Do not mind if he loses or breaks. But as soon as he came, my husband and I wanted the same phone. To us to call and climb on social networks most that. The thickness is 9 millimeters, the size is 143 * 9.5 * 71 Android. Assembled qualitatively, the camera is good, the display is normal. All the necessary applications are available. You can find fault with everything, but for a $ 60 smartphone there are no special questions. RAM is not enough, but for surfing the Internet, games and calls will come down. Charging connector like that of Samsung. They ordered three phones and all in different stores. Two of them included a holder for the phone. The third one did not have one. Still very pleased that all the phones came with a glued film and in silicone transparent cases. It turns out that on the phone 2 films are pasted. After my 8 month old daughter played with the phone, the matte film fell off the screen. And under the bottom is glued one more glossy. For the sake of interest on another similar phone, I bent the edge of the film — and another one was also glued there. I want to remind you that the phones were bought in different stores — which means that they have a chip of 2 films. In general, buying a phone on the official online store Teknistore were pleased, we recommend!