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At once I will note, I not for the first time buy technics on an official site of online store Teknistore. In August 2016, I bought my first child — Doogee, I am happy with them by 200% until now. Cubot I bought too for myself, since my Doogee went to her husband for an important reason. So the choice arose whether to buy the same phone or to look for a new one. In burning products, I got a Cubot Note S for $ 80. Delivery: three weeks to Ukraine, to be exact, to the post office, ordered. It is a pity not a new mail to the house. China pampers us. Package: packaging is very decent, everything is tight, in a bag with a pimple and in a conventional gray envelope. However, when I shook the package and heard a rustle inside it, it became terrible, it was clear that the phone was jumping inside its box. A box: from a dense cardboard, the usual white box is happy, on a box still some information which to me to not understand. Contents: phone itself, instructions, charging, cord and cover — which I personally did not expect, I confess — did not read just what goes there in the kit, read only reviews. The phone came wrapped in a protective film and in a case! At what is quite good, does not slip, a little with ribs, in the center already, in the corners wider — in the hand is very comfortable. True, I would like a cover with pictures, brighter, and not just silicone, but — for the first time enough with your head, and there you can order. Color: I have gold, but the store is still in white and black. Conclusion: I was pleased with the phone, to be honest, I'm already glad that my husband took the old phone, Cubot is now like a mini tablet. It works perfectly, does not slow down, does not hang, moves fairly quickly and steadily. Toys have not experienced the truth — since there is no time for them, I do not play into that. The official site of online store Teknistore recommend. Thank you all for your attention and good mood!