Tidebuy official online store

I really enjoy shopping online and clothes, mostly from the asos website. But recently, he pretty much began to disappoint me: the quality has worsened, and prices have only grown. So I began to look for alternative stores and came across the official online store Tidebuy. In the changing pictures you can find information about the current discounts and promotions. Consider in more detail the information about the product. Choose some thing, you can see only the photos with different magnification and foreshortening, but there is no video. This disappointed me a little, the quality of the thing is most easily determined from the video, and the photo can be beautifully photographed and a bag. But here there are reviews and sometimes photos of things on real people. Now I turn to my purchases. I had long been looking for a flared skirt made from a dense fabric that would hold the shape. In general, I, of course, heard about the quality of things from China: crooked seams, protruding threads. But when I saw them, I decided to take a chance. So, the order was issued. Skirts came very quickly, literally in two weeks. They were packed in a standard package. Each skirt was packed in a separate package. Unfortunately, there were no signs on the skirts: no make-up, no recommendations for washing. As for quality, the gray skirt is exactly what I was looking for! Thick, with a lining, from a pleasant fabric. But black has disappointed me. Then I came across real China. First, the fabric is terrible, everything sticks to it. Secondly, the spoiled lightning, which initially was fastened through time, and then completely broke. So it will have to be finalized. In general, I was satisfied with the purchases on the official online store Tidebuy and you are highly recommended to pay attention to this store. Substandard things, of course, quite a lot, but the range is very large and you can find something worthwhile.