TinyDeal Global Shopping Festival 11.11

It has long been looked at the various Chinese sites that sell a huge amount of interesting for a small price. I also wanted to try to order something myself, but they didn’t give rest to any kind of prejudice: suddenly they wouldn’t send me or they would send the wrong thing, but if the package was lost. But the biggest nightmare for me is the prepayment. It was uncomfortable with one thought that I would have to take the cat in a bag, paying for the goods before it was received. But as they say, whoever does not risk he does not drink champagne. I decided to make an order during Global Shopping Festival 11.11 in the online store TinyDeal. Gained a few suits for dogs, heated mat and a spare battery for a smartphone. For all separately prices, of course, ridiculous, compared to ours. For example, the battery cost me $ 3. Of course, this is a copy, but you cannot distinguish it from the original, which was sold in ordinary stores for $ 10-25. And a suit for a dog for $ 4 — in our stores for such money you can not buy clothes for dogs. About the ordering process — everything is very simple and clear. The most difficult thing is not to perish in the variety of choices. I paid through PayPal, because other means did not suit me. Delivery chose free, at your own risk. Since it was scary for passing the parcel through the fire, water and copper pipes of our mail, I decided to split the order into 2 approximately equal parts. Maybe for someone the amount of $ 20 and not so significant, but I was calmer when I knew that if I get lost, then not all at once. Both parcels were sent with a difference of a couple of days, as in one of them 1 position was missing. Here, the order is made. I can not wait to get it, but you set yourself up on what will have to wait about a month. And, about a miracle: in 2 weeks a notification appears in the mailbox. 1 parcel arrived. Everything that has been ordered has come. Color, size — everything is as it should, nothing is confused. Of course, the things themselves, such as clothes for dogs, in real life look simpler than in the photo in the store. And, of course, where some strings are visible. In principle, for such prices — it is forgivable. It happens that in expensive things it does not do without such flaws. And here, in general, I knew what I was going for. Well, I think a few days and the second package will be tightened. It was not there. A week, another — no parcel. Well, I think it's time to start panicking. As a result, when for some reason I was reconciled with the thought that my package was gone, 3 weeks after ordering, she still got to me. Again, all safe and sound. In vain was nervous. However, I finally made a conclusion for myself: With further orders, most likely, I will not save on my own nerves and pay for the track number so that there is at least some opportunity to follow the movement of the package. Well, dear readers, I wish you successful shopping in the online store TinyDeal. Thanks for attention!