TinyDeal official site of online store

Today I will confess in love to the official site of online store TinyDeal, which I have long since adored. I have already made about ten orders, I bought everything. Starting from small things such as jewelry, ending with clothes, shoes and tablet. Technique ordering was scary. But the tablet came a whole, beautifully packaged, fully equipped. Works fine so far. Does not hang even on heavy toys like WoT and Angry Birds. With clothes you have to be careful in choosing the size. The same goes for shoes. But under the description of the goods there is always a table of sizes. Everything is clear there. We must not be lazy and look. I had a couple of misses, though I creaked, but climbed. The quality of things is better evaluated by photos in customer reviews. They know better how this or that thing sits on models of normal build. You also need to take into account that winter clothes are most likely not designed for extreme cold, you will only be wearing them in spring and autumn. As for jewelry and watches, they are quite neat, nothing breaks and does not fall off. True, the batteries in the clock lasted for a month and a half, but in our city batteries are more expensive than this watch. So it's worth it. As for delivery, it depends on many factors: the availability of goods in a warehouse, the work of mail, national Chinese holidays. The fastest parcel came to me in a month. The longest was almost 3 months. In general, the official site of online store TinyDeal is a very good site with a flexible system of bonuses in the form of TD-points, promotions and discounts when buying several things. It is a convenient and intuitive interface, a good range, which is constantly updated. Points are charged for reviews, attached photos and videos of the purchased goods. Definitely, I will order there further.