TinyDeal official site

Good day! I am a big fan of saving and overpaying very much. Therefore, about a year ago I discovered shopping from China. Surely you know that there are a great many Chinese sites, but today I want to tell you about the official site TinyDeal. In my opinion, this site is more specialized in various electronics, of which there are a great many. But the categories of goods there are very diverse. Personally, I order from there electronics, which we have is several times more expensive. I bought a smartphone that cost me $ 30. A $ 3 Wi-Fi adapter that I connected to my mother’s computer. It is very small and miniature, in our stores it costs 3-4 times more expensive. I bought an HDMI cable, for connecting a TV and a laptop, it cost me $ 1.5. We also cost from $ 3 at least. More makeup brushes, a nice set in a stylish case, and so on. For those who are not familiar with Chinese shopping, I will tell you how to register. The site is multilingual, so it's very easy to navigate. Click — register, enter your e-mail address, first name, last name in transliteration, invent a password. Done! Next in the account fill in the necessary information, address, phone. You can pay by VISA, MasterCard, PayPal. I use the last option, because it is still safer and if the parcel does not arrive within a month, you can write to PayPal and you will get the money back. The main thing is not to miss the deadlines. Parcels reach an average per month. Delivery options are various, including free. I recommend the official site TinyDeal.