Tmart official site of online store

Hello! Accidentally stumbled upon the official site of online store Tmart. I decided to try to place an order, because there were extra electronic money. Just there are now very profitable offers — a sale! Every day, lay out the goods at a ridiculous price. For example, I ordered a diadem for $ 0.68 — yes, it was 68 cents! I just ordered it, as they say for free. I came here after about a month. By the way it is written that from the US — sorry for the packaging threw out and did not look from where. Diadem is nothing like this — high-quality, brilliant — a wonderful gift for a girl, to dress up as a princess. And also expect other orders. Pay attention to the prices on the official site of online store Tmart! Well this is just a trifle — in the truest sense of the word. Oh, there would be more goods as on eBay. But can be untwisted. As soon as the rest of the orders come, I immediately post the photo and of course, I will share my impressions. All successful purchases!