Trendsgal coupons and promo codes

Hello. Here once again I ordered a bag on the official website of Trendsgal. The bag came very cool, I did not even expect it myself and stayed in some kind of light shock. I bought a bag with a coupon discount for only $ 1.84. Of course, I thought that it would come quite as not in the picture, but I was wrong. The bag is usually packed in a bag. The handbag came very neat, small, but very roomy. The bag is made of artificial leather. On the front side are made rectangles and on each rectangle at the top, bottom and sides of the decorative element. Also on the front side of the bag is an icon in the form of a crown. Everything is done very nicely and not intrusively. Handles are made of chains from two sides to 15 centimeters and further made a handle made of artificial leather. I liked the bag, Good luck and good purchases for promo codes Trendsgal.