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Hello! If you buy a bag, it's original and good quality! It's like for me. Indeed, it is better to spend a certain amount of money and spend with it 3 years, than to buy a cheap one and it for one season? Actually an eternal question. And you can talk on this topic for a long time. Let's pass to a question about a bag from an official online store Trendsgal. I thought for a long time before ordering. Of course, the fake. But which one? Will it be worthy and will last? Or in a few weeks worn out? Outwardly does not look straight really cheap! Normally, so let's say. At first I was very satisfied! Despite the small size, very roomy! As soon as I got it, at first I did not go with her so often. A couple of times a week. But to be honest, the material from which is made cheap. For such a sum, of course, it's good! But it is erased in some parts of the beginning. And the places where the knobs begin to be cut off. But do not check the handles yourself! They are still in excellent condition! Throughout the winter of 2017-2018 she lay. And I decided to get it again in the spring. Then I began to wear it for wear and tear. Almost every day. She was good and worthy. For such a price of $ 10 it's just super! In general, there was no doubt in the Chinese. How can they forge. Not the original, of course, I repeat, but still! The only thing that the brand began to wash away. The bag suits me. I go with her a little more. There already it is necessary to change, because it is boring. The size did not take much, but the smallest. If you are looking for inexpensive, good bags, then the official online store Trendsgal I advise you!