TVC-Mall coupons and promo codes

As I have long wanted a flip-case, only in our city they cost from $ 15, yes even on the iPhone and Samsung basically, but what do I do with my Lenovo? Nothing wrong! Internet-shop TVC-Mall has prompted an exit! I searched for a long time, with which phone converges the size of my Explay Advance, at first decided that with HTC, I ordered and badly missed. I still rummaged around the Internet, found many Lenovo models, with a difference of 1-2 millimeters on one of the parameters. Briefly about the main thing: my phone in a case has become so big. But I still like it, now nothing in the bag of the phone threatens, but then the whole already scratched about the keys, small things, scissors and other things. Packed in a nice box, but it seems not native. In the description it was said that the leather cover, but I did not expect that with a coupon discount it would cost only $ 3.5. By the way, in the description this case was only black, but I wrote to the store that I would like white or pink — and he sent a white one! Thank you very much to the online store TVC-Mall. Do not meet, of course, the holes for the camera and the external buttons — the cover is not native, but the husband promised to cut it. Definitely recommend this store, and for quality service and for the opportunity to use promo codes!