TVC-Mall Global Shopping Festival 11.11

I have been shopping on the Internet for many years and I do not know what a big difference in the price of things in our city stores and from the same things purchased on the Internet abroad. When I had an iPhone, I decided to dress it up. Long and carefully selected cases and bought several of them in the online store TVC-Mall. The price for them during Global Shopping Festival 11.11 was only $ 2 for each cover. Case description: Polycarbon case to protect your iPhone from dirt and scratches. In reality: the store was an optimist. He entrusted my order to the postal delivery, in the following form: a paper envelope, inside which are actually cases packed in a transparent bag. I do not know how miraculously my envelope survived and was not even wrung. In general, the case came whole. Appearance: everything is as in the description. Beautiful, pleasant to the touch, odorless. Operation: my iPhone 4s it was just right. Kais reliably holds on to the phone, the device does not jump out of it. Verdict: inexpensive and beautiful.