TVC-Mall official site of online store

I like to buy all kinds of unusual things. Somehow I came across a beautiful cheholchik on the official site of online store TVC-Mall and decided to search for comparison in my city. The only thing I found is a white, nondescript cover that cost more than $ 10. And so I decided to order. I managed this cover in $ 3. Has reached for 38 days. The cover was packed in a bubble bag. So, let's move on to quality and design. The design impressed me. Indeed, it looks as bright as the photo in the store. Without smell. To the touch, the cover is slightly matte with an even surface. The material is silicone, but quite dense. On the phone sits like poured, does not flinch. That is, you can not be afraid that the phone will fall out of the cover. On the side are small bulges for the buttons. The buttons are pressed a little hard, but this is not a problem. As above I have already written that the silicone is dense. I sometimes drop the phone, so I had a small crack on my lid. Now I can be calm for my phone. He is under reliable protection! All I advise this cover and the official site of online store TVC-Mall. Beautiful design for a small price.