TVC-Mall official site

Good day to all! I've already got a Lenovo A2010 smartphone for more than three years. From the very beginning, I decided that I will buy covers for it only on the official site TVC-Mall, and the reasons for this are two: 1. It is not possible to find a stylish beautiful case for this phone model in my city. 2. If I find it, it will cost almost $ 25! Therefore, ever since I was three years old, I had one case with an unusual acid coloring, and for the first year and a half he looked presentable, but gradually began to turn yellow, I would continue to walk with him, if not for this yellow, and the color is already I'm fed up. That's why I ordered a new beautiful case for myself. The parcel came to me about a month, in an ordinary postal bag, all as always. The site has a price without discounts of $ 2, but never saw it stand, usually worth a discount and the cost of $ 1.5, but I managed to order for $ 0.89! Appearance. Exactly the same cover as in the photo, the size came straight back to back, all right. Composition. Well, I'm not a production chemist, and I can not know what kind of material this is, but on the product page of course it was not indicated! I suspect that with him in a year and a half will happen the same, yellowing. Naturally, the smell of chemistry was the first month, but eventually it disappeared. Comparison with the old case. The same, only in place of the buttons plastic plugs, with a month accustomed to them. As a result — I'm absolutely happy with the new case, which was bought on the official site TVC-Mall! With it, the phone functions in full, all buttons work, charging connects without problems.