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I saw the Sweet Bear Pendant and Embossing Design Women's Tote Bag for a long time from someone in the review and fell in love. But for some reason the hands did not reach the order. And so it happened, in the online store TwinkleDeals bought it with a discount on the coupon for $ 23. She flew to me in 20 days. It was packed in a brand anther. And it was also protected by an air cushion, so it was not injured on the way. The design of the bag is minimalistic — a texture for snake skin and a brush. The material is matte leather, it resembles rubber to the touch. The accessories are golden, but do not look cheap. The bag is made very high quality! Bag with a zip and a decorative strap on the magnet. The bag was bigger than I thought. The sizes are 22-7-18 centimeters. I have everything I need — a large purse, a comb, notebooks, and more. The belt near the bag is too short — you can only wear it on your shoulder, as crossbodies will not work. In general, I'm very pleased with the bag and I recommend everyone to buy the promo codes TwinkleDeals. It is very versatile, high-quality and stylish. Straight fire!