TwinkleDeals official site

Today I want to share the experience of purchasing goods on the official site TwinkleDeals. For three years of experience is not enough. Therefore, I share everything I know. So, I'll start with the fact that I bought foreign purchases in 2012, as early as 2012. Like many, my first purchases were at all the well-known Ebay auction. Then there were a couple more sites, but there's no point in writing about them, since they turned out to be nothing. And by chance I came to my favorite store. Deal with the site was not difficult, but now it's easier, though I do not really like the new design of the site, but apparently now everything is updated, improve, and this does not go anywhere. Initially on this site, you could buy only clothes, shoes, accessories and household goods. Now the choice of assortment is significantly increased. On the site I ordered clothes, shoes, a couple of bags and something of costume jewelry. Unfortunately, to date, much has already gone to waste. I will say right away that I only ordered clothes a couple of times and was satisfied. Shoes and bags were also made qualitatively. Of course, you can not speak about any serious quality, but the quality of shoes is still higher, the price for which it is sold. I often met Chinese shoes in stores, similar to mine, only at a cost of three times as expensive. It is very convenient that by going to the page with the goods, we can see what colors and sizes are available. Immediately you can immediately choose the delivery method and calculate it. Parcels ordered on the official site TwinkleDeals came a lot. No one, anywhere is lost and lost. They were all tracked by track number. The goods they pack very well, so you can not worry, for the integrity of the cargo during transportation. At least, everything came to me in a worthy condition. There are a lot of payment methods on the site, and Qiwi, and PayPal, and many more. So the difficulties, in this regard, should not arise.