VolumeRate Global Shopping Festival 11.11

I decided to share with you my new purchase in the online store VolumeRate — a smartphone Leagoo Lead 3. The cost of the phone during Global Shopping Festival 11.11 I was surprised, the price was small — about $ 45. I chose the phone in the pink version. Got to me for 22 days — quickly I believe. It was packed very reliably: a protective air bag, then a couple of layers of protective tape of Scotch tape and a usual gray bag. The phone was in a green box, where my handsome man lay flat, plus charging, headphones, instructions, small gifts. Appearance I really liked. From a technical point of view, too, everything is super: on Android 7.0, fast, convenient, no lags. All the characteristics of the phone from the page in the store coincide and by the way everything is written is accessible and understandable. After a year of use — the phone works fine. The problem was with the acceptance of calls, it turned out that for some reason, it was 3G in priority, not GSM. But with the switching of settings everything worked. And by the way on the battery: when working as a phone well and with the launch of light applications, the battery lasted for three days. Phone and store VolumeRate definitely recommend. Successful shopping for you!