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Hello! This review I want to dedicate one of its best purchases on the official online store VolumeRate — the phone Asus ZenFone MAX. The feedback will not be technical, but my experience of using the pros and cons. In this store, I make such an expensive purchase not for the first time. This is my second phone from China. The first served me faithfully for almost 2 years, and I had to change only because I accidentally broke it. I chose the Asus ZenFone MAX phone because of the very capacious battery. But about this later. There are 2 modifications of this phone — 16 Gb and 32 Gb. I chose myself for sure on 32 GB! The purchase was timed to my birthday, just the money was given. 2 weeks of waiting — and my phone number is mine! I chose a variant with a protective glass and a guarantee of exchange. As a result, the price of the phone was about $ 150. At the post office, I took the standard package, inside of which lay an air bag and a box with the phone. The phone has an ordinary phone and a charger. No headphones were present. Plus, the store has put standard gifts: a protective film and a transparent silicone case. By the way, these gifts and lie in a box — as a protection, I pasted glass. And she ordered extra beautiful cases. I liked the design of the phone — the back cover under the skin, very pleasant to the touch, and the golden bezel. But if you compare the phone Asus ZenFone MAX and any other phone with such a diagonal, then my all the same more! It's all at the expense of the frame at the bottom of the phone. The capacity of the battery played a big role in choosing this particular phone! The battery of my Max is 5000 mAh! With a moderate load of the phone, the battery charge lasts almost 3 days! And with active use — for 2 days. And then, in the evening I put on charging at 20% charging. But with this capacity and charging the phone lasts at least 5 hours. I put on the night. By the way, this phone can be used as a PowerBank. And recharge if necessary another phone. For me, it's also a big plus that you can put 2 sim cards and a memory card in the phone simultaneously. But again there is a nuance. Although the memory card is in my phone — but all the photos, videos and applications are stored on the phone's memory. The main camera is 13 MP, the front camera is 5 MP. Here's to the camera I have cavils. Pictures sometimes turn out simply chic, and sometimes — so-so. The phone has a bunch of modes and if you want you can configure the camera for yourself and under the situation. In general, I'm just too lazy to set something up. I occasionally go to the settings menu for the photo I'm picking. And usually I use the Auto mode. The phone has laser focusing, but when you take a photo, the phone does not focus very much. I certainly recommend the purchase of the Asus ZenFone MAX phone. For a relatively small cost on the official online store VolumeRate I received a good phone with a great battery.