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Hello girls! Previously, never in my life would I have been attracted by leopard colors of clothes, but with time and with age, tastes inexorably change. And now I'm a fan of leopard! And everything is not as bad as it was thought. This dress has been in my wardrobe for two years now. It has repeatedly rescued me and singled out in the mass of people. The dress goes well with both heels and ballet shoes, independently and with a cardigan. I bought it 2 years ago on the official online store Vova for $ 8.91. Honestly, this is a small price for such a nice dress. I ordered already knowing what it will be in advance — thanks to the Internet and good people who find time and lay out their purchases, both successful and unsuccessful. The material is synthetic, dense fabric like chiffon, which does not stretch at all and does not electrify. Sly Chinese either sewed the label incorrectly, or wanted to cheat, but on the label the composition is 100% cotton. But the cotton here and does not smell. The dress is well made, there is a lining. Comes with a black belt. The belt is very long, so you have to make additional holes yourself or buy a new one, which I did. At the time of ordering, the dress had one uniform size, which is ideally suited to 42-44. At 42 — the dress is wide in the chest and waist, at 44 — it will sit perfectly, while emphasizing the chest at the expense of a small O-neck. All fans of leopard colors and not only — I advise you to buy!