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Reviews on purchases in online stores have already entered into my habit. Over the years I have become almost an expert in the selection of various products. This time the review will be on an excellent black and white dress. I made a purchase about a year ago on the official site Vova, but I wear this dress to this day, because the quality is at its best, and the overall look is suitable for a very large range of events and occasions. So, consider the thing in detail. Dress length 96 centimeters. To me, with an increase of 156 centimeters and 40 size clothes, it is just below the knee. I think that with a larger size and growth a little longer. There is a small incision behind, so movements when walking are not constrained. The fabric is dense enough, so the dress is comfortable both in the early summer evening, and in spring or autumn. At least I have never frozen it. And the dense, not only black part, but also the white fabric — no translucencies! Behind a long hidden lock, which, by the way, is very convenient to fasten even without help. High-quality firmware: all seams are even, sewn very carefully, without protruding threads. The style of the dress can be called classic. On the one hand, it is not flashy and is quite suitable for everyday wear. On the other hand, it emphasizes the bends of the body in the right places, and it will be a great outfit for a holiday or a romantic meeting. At least, I do not consider myself the owner of a good figure, but I really like how I look in this dress purchased on the official site Vova.