Whatlovely Global Shopping Festival 11.11

Hello, dear friends. Finally, I got around to write a review for another dress from the online store Whatlovely. A long time ago, I stared at him, but I couldn’t agree, as what was present in the picture could be so cheap. But in the end I decided that in case of anything, I would lose a little, so I took it and ordered it during the sale of Global Shopping Festival 11.11. The order came to me exactly 2 weeks, although the store sent it only on the fifth day. Everything was packed neatly, in a regular bag without any identifying marks. Having deployed the package, I was a little disappointed. The fabric is heavily wrinkled, so the dress did not look the best. The fabric is visible, which is cheap, but, to be honest, I didn’t expect more. There was a slight smell, but quickly disappeared. Smooth seams. The Chinese did their best to make a candy out of nothing. Corresponding to the price, of course. On my parameters 86-64-86 and height of 160 centimeters, I took the size of M and did not lose. Surprisingly, I did not have such that things are small in size or, conversely, were large. The dress stretches well. Only now my head fits tightly, I try to wear it carefully, otherwise it is easy to tear. It looks in general — not bad, although for some the dress may seem shortish, but, on the contrary, I love this length. The back at the back is flirtatiously decorated with lace. Like the versatility of the dress, it is suitable for everyday wear and can be combined with various accessories that complement the image. The fabric is thin and slightly translucent. But, I think, for the summer — this is a great option. It is perfect for evening walks in the park, for example. Lately, I’m specifically hooked on the Whatlovely online store and so far only enjoy shopping. I have a few more packages on the way, so there will be more reviews. Thank you all for your attention and good shopping!