Whatlovely official site

Hello girls I continue to write about my purchases. This time I will tell you about the beach dress. The cost of the order of $ 26. The official site Whatlovely offers 9 color options. Many of them seemed very attractive. Chose a leopard print. Something pulled me to the predatory colors. The material is very pleasant to the body, soft. I would even go around the house in such a pareo as in a bathrobe. Size free. Suitable for 42-46. My height is 160 centimeters, so it is slightly long. I would like a higher palm. But so it is quite normal. This dress is simply indispensable on the beach. And in the fall I had already managed to visit a bathhouse in it. Back dress cutout. Looks pretty nice swimsuit. Yes, and nothing bulges. And it’s usually like you don’t dress from above — just a bump on the back. By the way, if you wear panties, making bows from strings, they will also be noticeable under a thin dress that gently and easily emphasizes all the lines of the body, falls on it by a flowing waterfall of folds. Wearing a dress is just elementary! At first, one strap pulls in on the opposite shoulder, then the other. And that's it! You do not need to stretch anything on a wet body and put yourself in order for a long time. I think with this pareo I will have a wonderful holiday next summer. I will rest with a seal on the seashore, wallowing like these lazy dogs. I also advise you to buy such things for the next season on the official site Whatlovely.